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By BSCDA, Oct 25 2017 03:25PM

Stuart Smith Jnr scored his second successive Mintex National Points Championship Shootout final victory at the Adrian Flux Arena, his sixth final victory of the season, to dominate round seven of the series and extend his lead to 105 points ahead of second-placed Frankie Wainman Jnr.

“We had done a lot of work on the car during the week, a massive amount,” said Smith Jnr. “We had the front and back axles out and we really went through the car and put it all back together as precisely as we could.

It was quite a big operation and we spent quite a few nights doing it. And it paid off.”

The meeting began with a whites, yellows and Dutch race with a sizeable grid of 24 cars, and it was Jack France who led from flag-to-flag, extending his lead to nearly half a lap at the chequered ahead of Chris Brocksopp and Nigel Harry. Dutchman Rick Wobbes finished fourth, ahead of Martin Chadwick and Romke Kroondijk.

Heat one fielded 23 cars and was led for most of the way by Chadwick, who only succumbed to world champion Nigel Green on the last lap. Brocksopp finished third, ahead of Neil Scriven and Ben Riley.

Heat two was a reasonably straightforward affair for eventual winner Craig Finnikin, who caught leader Mark Woodhull after halfway and eased clear to win ahead of Smith Jnr and Mark Gilbank. Wainman Jnr was fourth, ahead of Woodhull and Danny Wainman.

“I had an issue in the heat,” said Smith Jnr. “We put an axle chain on the nearside rear too short, so as I entered the corners it was picking the wheel off the ground and so it was mishandling. We noticed it straight away.”

The consolation featured 23 cars and it was Aaron Cozens who took the race by the scruff of the neck to win going away from the rest for his first BriSCA F1 victory. Mat Newson was second, ahead of France, Mark Sargent, Dutch star Gert Jan Klok and Frankie Wainman Jnr Jr.

The final was a lively affair and was completely restarted after Sjaak Kenite rolled, but the race featured another roll over after two laps when Bobby Griffin was tipped over into turn two.

The track was watered prior to the restart with Chadwick leading from Cozens, Yoren Winands, Brocksopp, Sargent and Michael Scriven. Cozens pulled off before the restart, with Shootout contenders Newson, Lee Fairhurst, Paul Hines and Danny Wainman all retired to the infield.

It was Sargent who soon had the lead, which he held for the majority of the race. Smith Jnr passed Finnikin and Green in front of him to give chase. Smith Jnr caught the leader with three laps to go, pushing him wide to take the lead and the victory.

Sargent finished second ahead of Green, with Finnikin finishing in fourth sport. Sargent, however, was docked two places for jumping the restart promoting Green to second and Finnikin third. Sargent was given fourth, ahead of Wainman Jnr and Will Yarrow.

“At the start of the race I had Craig Finnikin and Nigel Green in front of me and I knew my first job was to clear them,” said Smith Jnr.

“Nigel was on my tail for quite a few laps and I just edged away ever so slightly. As the track dried it came to me, really and I gained half a straight on him by the finish.

“Mark Sargent was winning for a while. He was going alright really. But I knew I could catch him.”

The Grand National featured the biggest field of the night with 34 cars with Smith Jnr taking the one-lap handicap.

The race was stopped after three laps, with France leading from Chadwick, Sargent and Cozens.

The race was yellow-flagged again by halfway after Sargent had a fire under his car, with Wainman Jnr now leading, ahead of Newson, Wayne Marshall, Brocksopp and Smith Jnr, who had made up a huge amount of ground in fifth place.

With seven laps to go the yellows waved once more due to a marker tyre on the track, with Wainman Jnr still at the head of affairs, with Newson second and Smith Jnr now third. On the restart Wainman Jnr pulled clear of Newson, who's car was smoking heavily, with Smith Jnr passing him in the closing stages.

Wainman Jnr took the flag for a comfortable victory, with Smith Jnr ending the night with a huge stack of points in second. Newson failed to finish, with Finnikin taking third sport, ahead of Gilbank, Danny Wainman and Gert Jan Klok.

“It was a bit of a funny race really,” Smith Jnr said afterwards. “I was behind Mat and Frank and I didn’t want to take Mat out because he has always raced fairly with me.

“So I thought I’m going to have to pass him as soon as I can, trust him and try and catch Frank. They watered the track two laps into the race so it made the racing line quite high and so it was hard to catch somebody when it’s like that.

“But the reason I struggled behind Mat after the restart was his car was like Dick Dastardly as he put a smokescreen up. His car was smoking that badly, I couldn’t see!

“All I could see was his nearside rear tyre and bumper corner and I was just aiming for that all the way round.

“On one corner he pushed on a bit and I nipped up his inside and I could see then! But Frank was off into the distance.”

Smith Jnr amassed 61 points during the night to extend an already healthy Shootout lead to 348 points, with Wainman Jnr on 243 points. Fairhurst lies in third place on 234 points, ahead of Green on 216 points.

Smith Jnr heads to round eight at Birmingham on Saturday night, followed by the penultimate round at Northampton on Sunday as the red-hot favourite to take the National Points title this season.

But the coveted silver roof is not won yet, as Smith Jnr is more than aware. As a precaution the Milnrow superstar is taking his shale car with him to both meetings as a backup.

“If I blow my engine in practice at Birmingham I’ll have my shale car with me,” Smith Jnr said. “People are racing pretty fairly at the minute, but if someone wants to wreck me enough so I can’t use my Tarmac car I’ll just go out in my old bulldozer at Northampton!”

Round eight of the Mintex National Points Championship Shootout at Birmingham on Saturday starts at 6pm, with round nine at Northampton the following afternoon at 1pm.

By BSCDA, Oct 20 2017 11:29AM

In his first outing since finishing second in the World Final at Ipswich last month, Ryan “The Boss” Harrison scored his second Mintex National Points Championship Shootout final victory with a well-executed last-bend move on long-time leader Mickey Randall at round six at Skegness.

Harrison had made the best start out the Shootout contenders but once in second place it took him time to close the gap on Randall, due to an under-performing rear offside tyre, before the leader allowed Harrison an opportunity to connect into turn three on the last lap.

With a celebratory smoking of the tyres, Harrison sprinted to the line to take the flag ahead of Shootout points leader Stuart Smith Jnr and Paul Carter, who was having his best results of the season.

The meeting began with 26 cars in heat one, in which Neil Scothern and Jacklyn Ellis tangled and spun on to the inside kerb into turn one on lap two, where they stayed for the remainder of the race.

Aaron Leach made short work of getting to the front, and remained there through to the chequered flag, with Phoebe Wainman in hot pursuit in second. Bradley Harrison was closing down the leaders in third, with Ryan Harrison fourth, ahead of Rob Cowley and Luke Davidson.

Heat two fielded 27 cars and was led by Derek Brown before the yellow flags came out for the first time during the evening when Steve Malkin Jnr hit the fence on lap three into turn three.

World champion Nigel Green pulled off before the restart as Brown led from the green flag. The C-grader maintained his lead for three laps until Shaun Webster caught and passed him into turn three and then a lap later Paul Harrison moved Webster wide in turn four to take over the front-running spot.

Webster remained just out of reach of Harrison’s rear bumper for the rest of the race, with Smith Jnr just a couple of car lengths back in third at the flag. Randall finished fourth, ahead of Lee Fairhurst, who was struggling with a brake issue, and Carter. Frankie Wainman Jnr slowed during the second half of the race with a puncture, dropping down to 12th at the finish.

A grid of 25 cars come out for the consolation event, during which a huge pile-up on the first bend took out five cars, including Paul Hopkins, who rolled, bringing out the yellow flags.

After the restart Jacklyn Ellis got tagged coming out of turn two and shot across the track and into the fence at the end of the back straight and was collected by Steve Whittle, which brought out the yellows once more.

John Fortune soon took over the lead from Malkin Jnr, while Green was already up to fourth after a lap. Two laps later Green was in the lead, which he extended to half a lap by the flag. Craig Finnikin came through late on for second, with Michael Steward third, but Steward was demoted to fifth for jumping the restart, with Fortune upgraded to third and Colin Goodswen fourth. Frankie Wainman Jnr Jr rounded out the top six.

The 32-car final was set at a furious pace, but was yellow-flagged after a couple of laps after a six-car pile-up in turn four and Harry Steward spun on the entrance to turn one after tangling with Fortune. Stranded in the middle of the track Steward was then hit by Wainman Jnr and then by Cowley.

Green was forced to retire with a flat tyre, a result of clipping Steward on his way past. Randall led the restart, ahead of Carter, Goodswen and Leach, with Daz Kitson next, followed by Webster, Ryan Harrison and Ben Riley.

Randall continued to lead by halfway, with Carter next. Harrison and Riley were in hot pursuit followed by Smith Jnr. As the laps peeled off and the lap boards came out Harrison had moved up to second place ahead of Carter and it was a case of whether Harrison had enough time to close the gap on the leader.

Smith Jnr forced his way past Carter to take third, while Riley was coming under pressure from Webster and Wainman Jnr, before being moved aside into turn two with four laps to go. Wainman Jnr then took fifth spot away from Webster into turn three.

Going into the last lap Harrison was still a good three car lengths adrift heading down the back straight for the final time but closed enough to go for a last-bend lunge.

Harrison made his move to perfection, tapping Randall into a spin and slipped up the inside to take the flag. Smith Jnr finished close up in second, with Carter taking third. Wainman Jnr followed in fourth, ahead of Fairhurst and Riley. The unfortunate Randall failed to finish in the top twelve.

“It wasn’t a bad last-bender, to be fair,” said Harrison. “But I don’t know what he was thinking, he didn’t go defensive enough. He almost gave me a free shot, so I let him have it.”

“I was struggling though, because my right rear tyre was split. I tried to push on one lap and lost two car lengths on him. So I went back to cruising. The tyre was one that was iffy that I daren’t run in the World Final. I’d scrubbed it and thought I had to run it at some point as it was sitting there and it would have been a waste.

“I should have been able to reel him in quicker but I was struggling and being patient to try and time it right.”

Another 32-car grid lined up for the Grand National, with Harrison taking the one-lap handicap. Another fast and furious race was led early on by Carter, who was able to stretch his lead.

Final winner Harrison pulled off with a puncture before halfway, much to his disappointment. “I got two or three laps in and I thought if the yellows come out I’m really getting involved here, because the car was the best it felt all night.

“But a piece of metal that had been welded on the front of Paul Hines’ car fell off and put a five inch hole in my right front tyre, hit the side of the bonnet and then hit the windscreen.

“It was a frustrating meeting really. We got a puncture in the National when I was absolutely flying – the car was on fire.”

As the raced progressed, with no yellow flags, Riley and Green led the chasing pack and by the last lap Riley was on Carter’s tail. Into turn three the Shootout star just managed to connect with Carter’s rear bumper, who drifted slightly wide, enough for Riley to dive up the inner.

In a grandstand finish to an excellent night’s racing, Carter held on to win by whisker from Riley in the sprint to the line, ahead of Green, Webster, Smith Jnr and Wainman Jnr.

With a 39-points haul during the night, Smith Jnr once again extended his Shootout points lead with 287 points, 59 points ahead of Fairhurst, who is on 228 points. Wainman Jnr is third on 205 points, followed by Mat Newson on 195, Danny Wainman on 194 and Green on 184.

Round seven of the Mintex National Points Championship Shootout takes place this Saturday at King's Lynn. There are currently 48 cars booked in for the meeting, which starts at 5.30pm.

By BSCDA, Oct 18 2017 07:34AM

It was fantastic to receive our Shootout round booking list at the beginning of last week from Sophie with such a healthy number of cars booked in that just kept steadily growing as the week went on. The meeting undoubtedly had a buzz about it, even before the day and certainly did not disappoint with plenty of spectators making the effort to come and support the drivers. We want to say thank you to everyone who attended, the mood was upbeat, people were happy and smiling and it generally felt as though the number one aim from the day was for people to enjoy it and we certainly did!

We truly hope that the positive mood continues throughout what is left of this season and that we can look forward to having a fantastic years racing in 2018 with drivers, spectators and promoters working together we think next year holds the promise bringing a superb season of racing with plenty of good memories to be made and a few parties along the way!

Driver and spectator support of Skegness in the 2017 season has been greatly appreciated SEE YOU IN 2018!!!

Best wishes Asha & Rob

By BSCDA, Oct 13 2017 02:14PM

Lee Fairhurst leapt up the Mintex National Points Shootout rankings after romping away with the Belle Vue meeting final on Sunday night.

The meeting began with a Whites and Yellows race, in which Sam Jacklin led until after halfway, when Karl Roberts took over to go on to take the chequered flag. Jacklin finished second ahead of Chris Brocksopp.

Heat two featured 23 cars and the yellow flags were soon out after the Scott Davids car was sat in a vulnerable position. Jacklin led the restart from Nigel Harrhy and John Dowson, but by halfway Frankie Wainman Jnr had swept through to take the lead, ahead of Fairhurst.

The yellows came out again shortly after when Jacklin struck the fence in turn two. Wainman Jnr pulled away at the restart from Fairhurst, with Mat Newson and Stuart Smith Jnr chasing, with Wainman Jnr taking the chequered ahead of Fairhurst by the length of the straight. Smith Jnr moved up to third ahead of Newson, who withstood a last-bend hit from Nigel Green – who had earlier visited the fence – in fourth. Craig Finnikin, who had an early spin, finished sixth.

Heat three featured 22 cars, and after an early yellow flag when Austin Moore visited the fence along the back straight, it was Dowson who dominated the race to take a straightforward victory ahead of Smith Jnr, Finnikin and James Morris. Green finished fifth, ahead of Fairhurst, who struggled with no power steering. 

In a race against time to unravel and remount the power steering belt, Fairhurst got a great start and was lying in third place in the final when the race had to be restarted before the halfway point. 

The turn one fence had to be repaired after heat winner Dowson had planted Joe Booth into Ben Riley, who went sideways into the fence and snapped a fence post.

At this stage it was Jack France who led, from world champion Green, Fairhurst and Shootout points leader Smith Jnr. Two laps after the restart Fairhurst made his move and shoved Green on to France – who both tangled out of contention – to take the lead. 

“I got a good start,” said Fairhurst. “I just dinked Nigel into Jack and went up inside them. I was half expecting Stuart [Smith Jnr] to be breathing down my neck, but when I looked in my mirrors there was no-one there. He must have had some sort of problem, so that was a bonus.”

From that point on Fairhurst stretched his lead and took the flag for his second Belle Vue final victory of the season. Mat Newson finished second ahead of Paul Hines. Smith Jnr limped home a lap down in tenth place with a broken half shaft.

France made amends to take a flag-to-flag victory in the Grand National, winning from Green and Finnikin.

Fairhurst now lies in second place in the Shootout after five rounds, 47 points behind leader Smith Jnr, in the race for the silver roof that concludes at Belle Vue on November 12.

Series leader Smith Jnr’s main rival Frankie Wainman Jnr had a night to forget, only scoring 14 points after an evening beset with mechanical issues after his opening heat victory.

Round six of the Mintex National Ppints Championship Shootout takes place this Saturday at Skegness Stadium, start time 6pm. There are currently 54 F1s booked in to race.