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By BSCDA, Aug 11 2018 11:22AM

Stateside update from Tom Harris.

"At the start of the Speed Sport World Challenge, I think I made some more gains, I was up against some top guys from America and Australia in that, and they didn't get away from me like I thought they would to start with.

But unfortunately the motor has gone sick, so we had to retire from the race, hopefully we can get it fixed and get some more laps in on Saturday.

A car flipped in front of me in one of the races and I just saw the start of the accident, but you can't really see much out of these cars as the main wing and front wing are in the way as well as the seat head rest.

These cars are so fast and the visibility is not good, so that does take some getting used to. The closing speeds on these cars are so different and I had a near miss with Spencer Bayston in the no.39 Swindell Racing car going into Turn 1 in the B Main, but its one of those things, its racing, we got close but we never touched, its a racing tolerance isn't it."

Tom's Knoxville dream continues tonight Saturday.

Tom Harris with Chris Clark reporting from the Knoxville Nationals

By BSCDA, Aug 10 2018 08:12AM

Birmingham World Championship semi-final pole-sitter Frankie Wainman Jnr believes a top six finish will be good enough to give him a chance of winning a fourth World Championship crown.

Wainman Jnr will be racing the Derek Brown Tarmac car he has used since the Birmingham World qualifier in April, having been in another race, one against time, to try and get a brand new Tarmac special out on track before the weekend.

“Every night this week we haven’t finished till at least half two in the morning,” Wainman Jnr said. “After King’s Lynn on Saturday night we got back at 3.30am. We were back in the garage at 9.00am on Sunday morning and didn’t finish until 5.00am Monday morning. I went to bed at 5.30am and four hours later went down to Skegness to test the car.”

But while he had it ready in time to go testing at Skegness on Monday the car has still to be painted and sign-written. And now Wainman Jnr is of the view the Brown car will be good enough to get him high enough up the grid to have a fighting chance at Skegness.

“I thought about it and I think fourth or fifth on the grid at Skegness might not be a bad place to start.

“Last time I raced Derek’s car at Skegness at the Speedweekend I got it going well. I looked down the grid at Birmingham and there are three or four I shouldn’t be able to beat in Derek’s car – Lee Fairhurst, Dan Johnson, Nigel Green and Luke Davidson –but I thought actually it won’t be a bad place to be anyway.

“I had convinced myself I needed the new car for the semi-final. But I have now convinced myself I don’t need to be in the top three or four anyway because I believe Skegness could turn into a crash fest.”

Wainman Jnr also thinks world champion Nigel Green will settle for a runner-up slot rather than going for broke.

“I don’t think Greeny will want to win the race because if he did Tom will be starting behind him,” said Wainman Jnr. “And if that happens he will be in the fence on the first corner.”

If Wainman Jnr achieves his objective that will be the last time he will use the Brown car as the new Tarmac special will be unveiled at the Gold Cup at Venray.

“I’m well happy with my new car,” he said. “It’s going to be a little bit different. I will be taking it to Holland but it’s going to be a big hassle to get it ready in time. It is booked in to be painted on Monday morning and it is supposed to be sign-written on Tuesday/Wednesday and then we have to put it all back together and take it. Finger’s crossed it shouldn’t be too bad.

Wainman Jnr lines up in the inside of the front row alongside 2012 world champion Lee Fairhurst, with Paul Hines on the inside of row two with John Dowson.

Fairhurst won the World Final from the back of the grid the only time the race has been held at Skegness before in 2012, and that was from the back of the grid.

“I’m not bothered who is in front of me or behind me I want to get on that World Final grid and go out and win it again,” Fairhurst said.

Fairhurst has found good pace in the Daniel van Spijker Tarmac car, but suffered issues at Skegness last month. “We were off the pace at Skeggy,” Fairhurst admitted. “But we found what the problem was at the meeting but we couldn’t rectify it.

“It was the only bad weekend we’ve had with the car, really. We said beforehand that we would change the clutch after that weekend because it has been in the car since it was first built and Daniel said we might as well change the plates before the semi-final and the Gold Cup at Venray and sure enough at Skegness it started to slip. We didn’t have a spare with us and it eventually went completely on Sunday.”

While Wainman Jnr will be satisfied with a top six finish at Birmingham, Fairhurst has only one objective on his mind, and that is to win the semi-final.

“I have won the World Final from the back of the grid at Skegness, so this year I want to try and win the World Final from the front,” he said.

Both Hines and Dowson will be using cars loaned to them for the race. Hines blew his engine at the Ipswich World qualifier in June and will be seen out in Ryan Harrison’s current Tarmac car that Harrison won the Ipswich final in.

While Dowson, a shale specialist, is racing the Tarmac car of Will Hunter for the evening.

Dan Johnson won the Skegness final at the Speedweekend on the Saturday night and will be one of the favourites to win the semi-final from the third row, but it is the man who starts immediately behind him on the inside of row four who many think will win the race.

Reigning world champion Nigel Green has only raced seven times this season, including four meetings at Skegness, winning the UK Open in May – his first outing this season. Of all the stars and superstars who raced at those meetings it was Green who showed the blistering pace.

Everyone stood up and took notice. And Green is quietly confident he can get the job done at Birmingham and Skegness.

“Everyone else seems to be focusing more on what my car does and what I might do, but I just concentrate on my own racing and not really bothered about anyone else,” Green said. “I was pleased with the car at Skegness. And at Buxton before that I thought I would have won the final but I got a puncture.

“I will go out and do my best, like I always do, to win at Birmingham and that is it.”

His rivals are likely not to want to see that happen…

Start time on Saturday is 6pm with BriSCA F2 and Classic Hot Rods the support formulas on the night.

Photos courtesy of Colin Casserley

By BSCDA, Aug 8 2018 04:25PM

Superstar King's Lynn final winner Tom Harris has landed safely in the USA and is ready for action this week at the Knoxville Nationals.

After stealing the limelight in the Feature Final on Saturday evening at the Norfolk Arena, he went on to make the journey across the pond to see his new machine sponsored by Jamie Davidson Scrap Metals.

The Knoxville Nationals is one of the biggest Sprint Car events on the USA racing calendar and we wish Tom the very best of luck.

If anyone wishes to send race reports from Knoxville or any other meeting where F1 drivers are racing at please feel free to send them to

Photos courtesy of Ben Hissitt.

By BSCDA, Aug 1 2018 09:06AM

The BSCDA at delighted to announce that the World Championship semi-final at King’s Lynn this Saturday is sponsored by Business Finance Brokers Ltd.

The company is interlinked with BriSCA F1. A number of BriSCA F1 drivers have used Business Finance Brokers Ltd within their own businesses, including Ben Hurdman and Mal Brown, with hire purchase, business leasing and contract hire the company’s speciality.

Kevin Ayres, company CEO and his cousin Peter, also a director, are big fans of BriSCA F1, and have been regular racegoers for the past 35 years. BriSCA F1 legends Stuart Smith and John Lund are personal favourites during that time and, having enjoyed and supported the sport for many years, they are a welcome addition to BriSCA F1 this season.

The World Championship semi-final at King's Lynn has all the makings of a classic.

Stuart Smith Jnr starts on pole position, The current National Points and British champion is hot favourite to win the race, but Mat Newson, who starts alongside him on the front row, will be hell-bent to win the race.

Newson has yet to win a major title, but came agonisingly close last month when leading the British Championship at Belle Vue until the last bend.

It was Smith Jnr, struggling to keep within striking distance of the Norfolk star throughout the race, who threw caution to the wind on the last lap and successfully connected with Newson with a last-bend lunge to take the title. Newson was left high and dry and out of a podium finish.

“I have got nothing to lose,” said Newson. “ My Tarmac form isn’t as good as I had hoped this season so I don’t have high expectations at Skegness. All I want to do is enjoy my racing tonight and win the semi-final. That would be good enough for me.”

Immediately behind Newson is Mark Sargent, who is having his best season in F1. Sargent is a local hero, living in Spalding, along with his 16-year-old son Finn, who starts at the back of the grid in his first semi-final.

“We think Finn could be the youngest ever driver to qualify for a World Championship semi-final,” said Sargent. “King's Lynn is my local track and so I hope the reception will be electric. We’re both excited about it. We get great support here and so it would be fantastic if we both made it into the World Final. I have never qualified for one so that would be amazing.”

Sargent starts on the outside of the second row, with Newson in front of him and “The Hitman” Tom Harris lining up behind him on row three.

“I’m the filling in a superstar sandwich,” said Sargent. “I have Mat in front of me and Tom immediately behind. But we’ll pull our straps down tight and away we go.”

But before he does that, however, he hopes his friend and car builder, Newson, can get his car ready for the big race after suffering plenty of damage last weekend as a result of a fencing by fellow semi-final rival Ryan Harrison on Saturday.

“The front axle, back axle, two hubs, two shock absorbers and rear tyre were all wrecked,” he said. “It was on the second lap.

“But Mat and his family are phenomenal. We got on really well from day one and he has looked after me. He has been brilliant with us. He will have the car ready for Saturday.”

The 2013 world champion Harris will be gunning for his first start in a World Final since 2016, but will also have his mind focused on the United States, where he competes in the Knoxville Nationals for the first time in a 410 winged Sprint Car. Harris flies out to the States on Sunday morning and starts his quest for glory on Thursday.

Further back on the grid on row six 2011 world champion Paul Harrison makes his first start on shale this season using his son Bradley’s shale car.

“I shan’t be losing any sleep over it either way," said Harrison. "I’ve been there and done that.

“But if I get a good finish I don’t think you necessarily need the fastest car to win at Skegness. Luck plays a massive part in the World Final at most tracks and Skegness last time [in 2012] when Lee Fairhurst won from the back of the grid proved it even more so.”

With hard men Mark Gilbank, a final winner at the track in 2017 on the inside of row four, and Ryan Harrison starting on row five, it has all the makings of an eventful semi-final.

The evening’s racing begins at 5pm on Saturday and features the 2-litre Saloon stock cars and BriSCA F2s alongside the BriSCA F1s.