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By BSCDA, Apr 24 2019 04:33PM

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Andrew Battye after a long battle with cancer. Andrew has been a part of the Stock Car family for many, many years and touched the hearts of so many drivers, team members and fans. Our thoughts are with Andrew's family and friends at this sad time.

By BSCDA, Apr 24 2019 06:41AM

30 cars were in attendance for the first tarmac meeting of the season at Skegness Stadium on Good Friday. The meeting began a run of 3 meetings in 4 days for the F1s over the Easter weekend.

With only grading points up for grabs and only 3 meetings left before the first grading period closes, the last being Easter Monday at Belle Vue. A number of drivers including Aaron Leach (70) in his refurbished car, Luke Davidson (464), former World Champion Paul Harrison (2), Charlie Sworder (5) and Scotsman Stuart Shevill Jnr (518) in the ex Luke Davidson/Tom Harris car all racing for the first time in 2019. Tom Harris (84) debuted his new car in the UK with it only having raced at Venray a few weeks prior. Nigel Green (445) also giving his World winner a refurb complete with a colour change to red.

Heat 1 up first with a 2/3rds format being used (each driver in 2 of the 3 heats) with 19 cars on track for the opener but Shaun Webster (48) was unable to make the start pulling onto the middle. Tom Harris (84) made the best start, surging towards the front leaving Nigel Green (445) to give chase. Phoebe Wainman (211) made a slow start but eventually found speed. Paul Hines (259) with the first of many aggressive hits bumping Stuart Shevill Jnr (518) and Colin Goodswen (372) wide to gain positions. Richard Davies (325) and Kyle Gray (124) the first to find the fence a few laps later. The race started to settle down with yellow graders Harry Steward (126) and Finn Sargent (526) leading the way. Nigel Green retired with a puncture as Tom Harris slowed his progress towards the front. Into the final laps and it was still Steward and Sargent leading the way, with Sargent catching. Into the last corner Sargent made his move using the bumper to nudge Steward wide and diving up the inside to take the win. Steward hung on for 2nd and Aaron Leach (70) getting 3rd in his refurbished car.

During post race scruteneering it was found that Finn Sargent’s car was too low to the ground and was disqualified promoting Steward to the win.

Heat 1: 126, 70, 2, 259, 84, 25, 456, 518, 464, 372, 287, 211

Heat 2 saw 18 cars on track with Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) making his first appearance of the meeting as he had to miss practice with clutch issues. Michael Whiteman (233) going off the back of the grid in his first meeting. The early laps saw Richard Davies (325) spin at turn 1 and with nowhere to go, the next car on the scene Paul Hopkins (278) hit Davies head on(all ok), this also caught out Luke Davidson (464) who lost a lap. Nigel Green (445) putting his puncture behind him, set about the front, first forcefully bumpering Charlie Sworder (5) wide and then picked off Craig Utley (484) the next lap. Phoebe Wainman (211) brushed the back straight wall after a sideways moment and a nudge from Mark Hargreaves (IOM358) who had no where to go in the Newson Hire car. Up front Paul Carter (300) had established a lead but a lap down Luke Davidson was just behind. Carter commented at the end of the race he wasn’t sure if Davidson was lapped or racing for position. Eventually Davidson went past. This delayed Carter enough that Steward made up a lot of ground and the rapid Green coming at them both. Thankfully for Carter there wasn’t enough laps left to run and he would take the win. Green made Steward the latest victim of his front bumper at the last bend to take 2nd, Steward recovering for 3rd.

Heat 2: 300, 445, 126, 37, 484, 2, 5, 70 ,48, 196, 515, 518

Heat 3 with 18 cars on track again, everyone now on their 2nd race. Paul Carter’s (300) earlier luck didn’t continue as he found the fence damaging the car. With Tom Harris (84) already making progress and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) was showing more pace than the earlier heat, moving Murray Jones (196) wide at turn 1 and clearing him into turn 3. Paul Hines (259) continuing his liberal use of the front bumper by firing into the back of Jones who in turn tapping the back of Wainman Jnr. Hines getting 1 spot as Wainman Jnr escaped up the road. Up front at half way Chris Cowley (37) who had established a lead ahead of Craig Utley (484) and Tom Harris who, a few laps later would take Utley and set about catching Cowley. Further back Hines was again using the bumper on Jones, this time with a more successful attempt at gaining a position and keeping it. Up front Cowley had the measure of Harris, keeping him just out of reach and would go on to win with Harris 2nd and Utley (484) hanging onto 3rd.

Heat 3: 37, 84, 484, 124, 515, 259, 526, 196, 456, 25, 172, 326

Final time and it's all in with 24 cars, lead off by loan white grader Sean Willis (287). Paul Harrison (2) was the first to show the bumper with Murray Jones (196) being the recipient. Paul Carter’s (300) day got no better as he had another trip to the wall. Tom Harris (84) showing no fear taking it 3 wide with Kyle Gray (124) and Shaun Webster (48) to gain 2 positions in one fell swoop. The 3 superstars, Harris, Nigel Green (445) and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) found themselves battling together. In a turn of speed not seen so far Wainman Jnr would pass the other two and drop them with his sights set on the front, getting to Craig Utley (484) to take 2nd. Up front Harry Steward (126) was controlling the race, although a rapid Wainman Jnr was taking large chunks of time. Last lap and Wainman Jnr is right behind leader Steward with turns 1/2 negotiated without any change. Going up the back straight for the final time Wainman Jnr was planning his move and went for the hit, Steward stayed out wide with Wainman Jnr diving up the inside expecting a car to be there to hit, brakes locked and heading wide, Steward tucked himself up the inside and it was a drag race to the line. Steward taking the final just on the line over Wainman Jnr.

Steward being interviewed by David Addison said “No ones ever really done that or I haven’t seen them, so I thought I’d give it a try and see what happens”

Frankie in the same interview, remarked that he wouldn’t be falling for that again.

Final: 126, 515, 259, 445, 84, 484, 70, 5, 464, 456, 287, 172

22 cars for the last race of the night, the Grand National. Harry Steward (126) slotted into the back of the grid taking the half lap handicap as a yellow top. Bradley Harrison (25) finds the fence courtesy of Nigel Green (445) a few laps later and a big 4 car pile up into the turn 1 fence with Nathan Roberts (456), Paul Hopkins (278), Aaron Leach (70) and Kyle Gray (124) all involved, the race continued. Stuart Shevill Jnr (518) bumpers Charlie Sworder (5) as Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) moves Paul Harrison (2) aside with Tom Harris (84) the next to pass Harrison. Wainman Jnr bumpers Shevill Jnr out of the way whilst up front Craig Utley (484) took the final race of the night, Finn Sargent (526) claiming 2nd with Steward into 11th from the handicap.

Grand National: 484, 526, 445, 515, 37, 84, 2, 518, 464, 172, 126, 259

Report by Daniel Smith

Pictures courtesy Colin Casserley

By BSCDA, Apr 16 2019 11:14AM

37 cars were in attendance for the latest of the World Championship qualifying rounds. This time at the Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield for some Sunday afternoon shale shifting in the steel city.

Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) still sitting at the top of the World Qualifying points heading into the Sheffield meeting. Dan Johnson (4) making massive gains at Mildenhall the previous week. A few drivers making their first appearance of the 2019 season, including Mal Brown (34) and Richard Howarth (495).

The meeting began with an extra race for the whites and yellows only. This did not form part of the meeting but allowed for extra track time. 13 cars took to the track with Wayne Marshall (483) a non starter. The track was well watered ahead of the race which meant the first few laps were a little tricky and caught a few of the drivers out, including Joe Nickolls (242) who had a spin and Scott Wright (254) with a trip to the wires in the Newson hire car. Liam Gilbank (20) would take up the early running as the cars would start to find some speed, notably John Wright (348) and Rob Plant (364) the first to full throttle. The yellows were waved for Scott Wright (254) who was parked in the turn 3 fence, all ok and the tractor was deployed to remove the car to the middle. Hard luck story for the leader John Wright (348) who picked up a puncture and was forced to pull off before the race resumed. Rob Plant (364) controlled the restart to pull away up front. Going into the final corner Richard Woods (268) took a hard hit into the turn 3 fence (all OK) but up front Rob Plant (364) came through to take the first win of the day.

W&Y - 364, 216, 242, 415, 532, 20, 526, NOF

Heat 1 next up with a full format being used (1 heat for each driver) now including the blues, reds and superstars. Danny Wainman (212) and Mark Sargent (326) were slow away at the start, Wainman (212) would ultimately retire. Will Hunter (220) and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) would go for the same piece of shale and have a coming together, this would be just enough of a delay for the rapid Tom Harris (84) to gain 2 positions with ease. Harris (84) would then set his sights on tapping Bradley Harrison (25) wide into turn 3 to net another position. A big cluster of whites and yellows would trip over themselves at turn 3 which allowed Harris (84) through the gap and Wainman Jnr (515) would follow. A few laps later and Harris (84) would take the win, with a large gap to a very impressive 2nd place for Liam Gilbank (20). 8 drivers would transfer to the final.

Heat 1 84, 20, 515, 4, 259, 25, 220, 326//166, 348, 541, 211

Heat 2 saw the other half of the entry take to the track. Nigel Green (445) would pull up early in the running with a front outside puncture and Craig Finnikin (55) delayed with a spin at turn 2. Mick Sworder (150) made massive gains early on but almost took the right side of the car into the home straight fence and struggled to regain his position as he was out of place on the outside for a few laps. Jack France (216) was away and gone from yellow grade, almost a lap ahead and no one ever came close, netting a fine heat win. Mark Woodhull (335) would get 2nd with Mark Gilbank (21) taking third. Green (445) and Finnikin (55) would now have to attempt to qualify through the consolation.

Heat 2 - 216, 335, 21, 34, 37, 175, 150, 242//555, 55, 463, NOF

Consolation time and the last chance to make the meeting final. This race contained 5 red or superstar graded drivers including the likes of Danny Wainman (212), Craig Finnikin (55) and Nigel Green (445). In the opening few laps, Daz Kitson (532), Geoff Nickolls (215) and Phoebe Wainman (211) would all find the turn 3 fence, in avoidance Wainman (212) would take to the infield hitting one of the marker tyres hard enough for the tyre to come to rest in the middle of the home straight and yellows coming straight out. Bobby Griffin (166) would speed up proceedings by removing the tyre himself. The racing got back underway but John Wright’s (348) run of bad luck would continue as he went to the fence at turn 3, but was then collected by Frankie JJ (555) the following lap after being forced out wide and the caution was back out. John exiting the car himself and his rather damaged car being removed to the infield. The new Consolation King Craig Finnikin (55) would get his 2nd Consolation win in a row, Green (445) was right there but went slightly wide at turn 2 on the last lap and was unable to mount a last bend attack. It was a case of if you were running you qualified as only 10 cars finished.

Consolation – 55, 445, 212, 166, 555, 532, 541, 463, 495, 364, NOF

Final time with 25 cars lined up. Liam Gilbank (20) and Richard Howarth (495) leading them off. The opening laps saw many hits and side to side contact as many cars tried to go for the same gaps. Mick Sworder (150) and Tom Harris (84) would make the most progress of the drivers from the back. Will Hunter (220) and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) would make contact down the home straight, this would fire Hunter (220) into the fence with Willie Skoyles Jnr (541) caught up in the same accident. Tom Harris (84) continued to apply his new favourite overtaking spot up the inside of turn 3, using it to good effect throughout the race. The yellows were called for a multiple car pileup on the back straight. All ok. Coming to the green for the final time Sworder (150) and Harris (84) nose to tail with Woodhull leading (335). Once the green flag dropped though Harris (84) was focused on the win, swiftly moving passed both Sworder (150) and Woodhull (335) and no one saw him again. Nigel Green (445) and Wainman Jnr (515) would come together out of turn 4, both pointing in the wrong direction, with many drivers having to take avoiding action. Wainman Jnr (515) would be the first to get himself moving again a full lap down. Danny Wainman (212) would battle his way into an impressive 2nd place using his single surface car (2018 tarmac car) with Mark Woodhull (335) taking 3rd on the podium.

Final – 84, 212, 335, 55, 4, 259, 150, 555, 463, 34, 25, 515.

Grand National time and 26 cars would take the green flag for the final race of the day, Harris (84) taking his lap handicap. A few laps into the race and the yellows were required due to the track almost being blocked at turn 3. Phoebe Wainman (211) had touched the back straight fence and upon recovering had been collected by Russell Cooper (415), both cars wedged together on the entry of turn 3. At the same time Mark Woodhull (335) and Richard Howarth (495) were both wedged into the turn 3 wires. A short delay to separate the cars. Jack France (216) leading at the time of yellows had to pull off with a puncture leaving Mal Brown (34) to show them how it was done. Controlling the restart to perfection, Brown (34) skipped away at the front, by the time Sworder (150) and Finnikin (55) found their way to front, Brown (34) had long gone, taking the Grand National and his first race win in 5 years. Harris (84) would make it into 7th from the lap handicap.

Grand National – 34, 150, 55, 4, 515, 445, 84, 21, 259, 212, 166, 37.

Report by Daniel Smith

Photos 1-4 courtesy of Jordan Cooper

Photo 5 - courtesy of Colin Casserley

By BSCDA, Mar 26 2019 09:37AM

As voted for by the drivers, the Raceiever system will be in operation at King’s Lynn on Saturday. We will have stock of Raceievers however it is advisable that you pre-order.

We have a company travelling to King’s Lynn to take moulds for moulded earphones, this is at a discounted price of £130. These will help with the system however they are not compulsory. If you would like to book a place to have a set made please contact Sophie. This is open to any formula, the more drivers we have book places the more chance the price will decrease. So if you know of any driver in a formula that run Raceievers why not suggest this option.