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By BSCDA, Jun 17 2019 03:31PM

Yesterday saw the BriSCA F1 drivers make the trip to Hednesford Hills Raceway for the British Drivers Championship and we would like to start by saying a massive thank you to all of the drivers who supported this prestigious championship and for supporting their association.

We witnessed the very best of stock car racing on the hard stuff as the day built up to a spectacular British Championship where the last lap of the race ended in dramatic fashion resembling the end of the 1991 World Championship at the same venue.

A big thank you to all the staff and all those involved with the running of the event and especially to all of the fans who came along and supported the event as all of the above contributed to making this British Championship a great event.

Congratulations to Danny Wainman (212), Ashley England (346), Ryan Harrison (197) and Joe Nickolls (242) for their Heat wins and to Mat Newson (16) for his brace of Heat wins.

Congratulations to Tom Harris (84), your 2019 British Champion. Tom has finally obtained every major championship in the sport after yesterday's victory.

A special mention must go out to Mat Newson and Lee Fairhurst (217) for making the British Championship a memorable one due to the last bend of the race but our commiserations to them both.

By BSCDA, Jun 14 2019 08:33AM

The first meeting of the year at Buxton and it was an important one, as the world championship points scored would count for double. This could really shake up the table and change the standings in the Road to Gold. In the pits and Lee Fairhurst (217) returned his world winning car into action having been on loan to Bolton University since the beginning of the year. 35 cars were in attendance after the previous evenings racing at Birmingham had meant a few hadn’t made it. Sam Jacklin (137) a late arrival and only making it out for the consolation. That was far better than Drew Lammas (543) who had gearbox issues meaning he was in attendance but never made it out on track.

Heat 1 gridded up with 16 cars. Nigel Green (445) initially the biggest mover from the back but a few laps in he started to head backwards. Tom Harris (84) took up the charge to the front. In the early running Lee Fairhurst (217) would pull off with technical issues. Further back Adam Bamford’s day started badly (it wouldn’t get much better) when he was put into the fence at turn 1, damaging his car. Up front Luke Davidson (464) takes the win untroubled with Harris a fair amount back.

Heat 2 next up with 17 cars on track. Ashley England (346) missing his heat having spent a large amount of time with the car on the jacks trying to resolve a drive train related issue. Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) leading the charge from the back, Dan Johnson (4) unusually slow in this heat, looking far from comfortable, he would eventually retire. Work in the pits seemed to centre on the brakes. Up front Sean Willis (287) returning to tarmac and racing for the first time since the Good Friday Skegness, he would complete a flag to flag victory in a car still for sale, George Elwell (501) continuing his strong weekend in 2nd.

Consolation and with very little damage in the heats 19 cars made it back out. First time visits to the race track for Sam Jacklin (137) and Ashley England (346). Fairhurst and Johnson also needing to qualify for the feature final, Bamford also making it back out after his earlier damage. Courtney Witts (180) took up the early running in the consolation from England. Into the final lap as the leader had taken the chequered flag behind, Terry Hawkins (275) put a big hit on Bamford into turn 1 to put Adam in the fence hard. Driver all ok, the car not so much and they chose to call it a day. England would make his first race of the day count by winning, holding off Fairhurst who was slowly catching. Johnson’s day didn’t get much better with only 10th to show for his consolation.

The Al Henderson Memorial Final with 28 cars on track. Double points ensuring there was 50 on offer. An early caution called for Courtney Witts (180) who was in the fence at turn 4, all ok but the car was not in a great position. Sean Willis (287) continuing his great form leading to the restart. Before the caution Nigel Green (445) who wasn’t having a great day pulled off with a rear puncture. We didn’t get very far into the restart as a big crash on the home straight brought the yellows out again. Micky Randell (172) found himself hitting the home straight fence and parking his car on the home straight just before turn 1. The pack behind scattering as best they could, but Karl Hawkins (175) and Paul Harrison (2) got caught out and Hawkins took a very hard hit to the turn 1 fence. Thankfully all ok after feeling very winded following the accident but cleared by the medical staff. All 3 drivers receiving large amounts of damage and calling it a day. The fence requiring a little attention before we came back to green. Upon the restart Joe Nickolls (242) in his dual surface car lead away with George Elwell (501) in hot pursuit but never really getting close enough to mount a hit. In the latter stages he had to contend with Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) who had taken 2nd from Elwell and continued to show good speed. Into the latter few laps Nickolls was driving like a pro, hitting every braking spot, hitting every turn and generally driving like someone with far more experience. This style was rewarded with his first ever Grand Final win and thoroughly deserved after keeping Frankie behind, Elwell taking a fine 3rd place.

Grand National and the last double point race of the meeting, Joe Nickolls (242) taking the half lap handicap starting behind the superstars. An early yellow flag called for Paul Hopkins (278) and Frankie Wainman Jnr Jnr (555) who had both found the fence at the exit of turn 4. The cars requiring separating before the race got back underway. Sean Willis (287) had took up the early lead but further back Luke Davidson (464) had made the biggest start from the back, two positions ahead of Mat Newson (16) and many ahead of the rest of the reds and superstars. Coming into the final parts of the race and the heavens opened making conditions very tricky for all the drivers as it began to get wetter. The fans all jumping for cover. Davidson managed to book end the meeting winning the first and last races at Buxton, Newson hanging on for 2nd and Ashley England (346) taking another podium in 3rd.

Report by Daniel Smith

Photos courtesy of Colin Casserley

By BSCDA, Jun 3 2019 12:53PM

The final stop of the bank holiday weekend saw a trip to the Belle Vue stadium in Manchester. John Lund (53) made another appearance and maintained his 100% attendance record at Belle Vue. Michael Whiteman (233) made his debut on the shale driving the same car he has been using on the tarmac. Tom Harris (84) in excellent form was looking for his 3rd shale final in a row having won the finals at Northampton the previous week and King's Lynn only two days earlier.

Heat 1 on track with 17 cars out on, Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) and Mat Newson (16) coming from the back. A clean start with Karl Hawkins (175) leading the charge from the back with a 3 car hit into turn 1. Further back Newson and Jack France (216) along with Luke Dennis (192) get caught together at turn 1 and delayed. Up front Dave Willis (337) had established a lead. Hawkins now unable to make further progress as Mal Brown (34) was putting up quite a fight when Hawkins was up the inside Brown would power around the outside to keep the spot. This brought Bobby Griffin (166) and Wainman Jnr onto the back. One more attempt to get past and Hawkins ran wide allowing Griffin and Wainman Jnr passed. But 1 lap later Hawkins finally gets the move done on Brown into turn 1. Austin Moore (127) racing the ex Ben Hurdman car had established a lead. Coming into the latter parts of the race, Newson had recovered well into the top 10. Coming onto the final lap with a huge lead, Moore would pick up a rear puncture. Powering through with the foot planted to try and get as much traction as possible and Wainman Jnr taking massive chunks of time, Moore just about made it across the finish line before Wainman Jnr managed to catch.

Heat one 127, 515, 276, 175, 220, 16, 423, 34, 166, 192, 268, 216

Heat 2 on track again with 17 cars. Tom Harris and John Lund made their first appearances of the afternoon. Jake Harrhy (345) went for a spin at turn 1 on the first lap loosing loads of time. From the back Harris manages to get ahead of the reds and superstars and sets off for the front with Newson not far behind. Lund again having a great race already up to 3rd and getting 2nd a few laps later before going off after leader Karl Roberts (313). As Lund makes it to Roberts both are demoted by Harris who has caught and passed them both and goes off and wins the race. Last bend and Newson wants 2nd from Roberts but a slight error sees both tangle together and Lund picks the right side and sweeps around the outside down the home straight taking 2nd.

Heat two 84, 53, 313, 16, 423, 212, 555, 463, 93, 34, 192, 345

Heat 3 with 17 cars again on track. Harris and Lund unable to make the race. Harris having some kind of oil leak and Lund retiring from the meeting with a gearbox issue. At the start Sam Makim (93) heads to the turn 1 wires as Gary Jackson (423) and Sam Jacklin (137) both parked at the exit of turn 1. A few others joining the turn 1 parking lot with Karl Hawkins (175) unable to get going and would be the cause of the first caution stuck in the middle of turn 1. Karl Roberts (313) up front. At the restart and Rob Jacklin (136) goes for a monumental hit on Phoebe Wainman (211), both cars into the fence. Jacklin wouldn't go any further. Wainman rolling and coming to a stop just past the starters rostrum. Yellows called for due to the position of Phoebe's car. Coming to the restart Roberts still leading but now had Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) all over his back bumper and it didn't take long before Wainman Jnr was up the inside and off into the distance taking the win. Roberts fell back at the latter part of the race, with Danny Wainman (212) coming through for 2nd

Heat three 515, 212, 220, 166, 555, 337, 127, 216, 495, NOF

Final time and the heavens had opened with the track now very wet, but manageable with no standing water. With the chance of 3 finals in a row Harris was back out, car repaired and slotted into the last spot on the 19 car grid. The start provided a fair amount of action as multiple cars went around at turn 4 with Luke Dennis (192) heading for the sky climbing the turn 4 inner tyres. Yellows called for to remove Luke's car from its new perch. At the restart Gary Jackson (423) and Dave Willis (337) both found the fence as Will Hunter (220) took the lead. Wainman Jnr diced with the fence only just surviving without collecting it. Up front Mal Brown (34) takes the lead as Hunter goes wide. But the danger man Harris is coming fast now up into 2nd. Hunter's bad luck of the last few meetings bit again as he slowed up. Harris now taking the lead into the 2nd half of the race. With the track tricky and very wet around the outside. Harris struggled to get passed back markers and Newson was coming fast. With the bumper finally in site. Newson went for a hit, with not too much force meaning Harris ended up just a touch off line but not slowing him up too much and slotted right back into the wheel tracks of Newson. Two laps later and at the same turn 3 corner. Harris went for a far bigger hit and was enough to put Newson wide hitting a marker tyre which had found its way onto the track. That hit put Harris half a lap up the road and Newson would never catch back up. Harris completed his hattrick of final wins. Newson surviving for 2nd and James Morris a welcomed 3rd place in the Newson hire car.

Grand Final 84, 16, 463, 220, 34, 166, 515, 175, 212, 93, 337, 555

Grand National time and thankfully the rain had subsided and the track now far dryer than the final with 14 cars making it back out. Harris in his now familiar half lap handicap position. From the start Karl Roberts (313) was very slow away falling right back. Newson taking up the lead position from the back passing Wainman Jnr. Harris not making too much of an impression from the back but was catching the train. Around half way Sam Makim (93) had established a lead. Harris now starting to pick them off having caught the back. Makim though would go on to register his first ever BriSCA F1 race win in fine style far ahead of the rest of the pack. The race would go from start to finish without any yellow flags

Grand National 93, 337, 166, 220, 175, 84, 16, 515, 313, 192, 555, 34

Report by Daniel Smith

Photo by Colin Casserley

Graphic by Jack Coleman

By BSCDA, May 17 2019 04:37PM

The first speed weekend of the year which also contained the first championship of the year being the UK Open Championship.

Saturday, as is the case with most tarmac meetings, the afternoon was alive with the sound of the V8 engines as drivers practiced and made those vital setup changes. Around the pits and most of the activity was around Team Harrison (the Ryan and Murray kind) with Ryan revealing his latest creation (referred to as Rocket Ship III) to the public. No doubt splitting fan opinion in two, but regardless, no one can deny it's not a superbly turned out machine.

Elsewhere John Fortune debuted another Harrison chassis for his 2019 debut. Ashley England giving his ex-Wainman championship winning car a lick of the dark green paint finished with a blue chassis.

Team Davidson expanded to 3 cars for the weekend with ministox graduate Courtney Witts taking the reigns in the car raced by Tom Harris in 2018 and Luke Davidson before that. Shane Geary completed the 2019 debutants and unfortunately had engine issues curtailing the weekend.

Saturday would see round 14 of drivers chasing those world championship points to get onto one of the semi final grids. With 49 drivers in attendance a full format of 2 heats (each driver in one of the heats), consolation, grand final and grand national to round the evening off.

Heat 1 with 25 cars on the grid, Rick Lennson (H318) and Ben Riley (422) didn’t make it very far, tangling coming down the home straight for the first time, ending their race parked at turn 1. This would delay the reds and superstars behind. Sam Wass (283) was away at the front and into the lead. Joe Nickolls (242), Shane Geary (478) and Ricky Wilson (501) all found the fence into turn 1 joining Lennson and Riley. Up front and Tristan Jackson (101) went for the lead into turn 1 making it stick. On the move further back Lee Fairhurst (217), still piloting the Van Spijker, car firstly moved Mark Wareham (401) at turn 1 and then Danny Wainman (212) into turn 3 on the same lap. Wainman then spinning Wareham out of contention at turn 1. Up front and untroubled Jackson took heat 1 of the weekend. Wass coming home in 2nd.

Heat 1 - 101, 284, 48, 501, 37, 217, 25, 212, 4, 16, 555, 526

The other half of the entry for heat 2 with 24 cars gridded up. Ryan Harrison (197) not even making the start line going for a spin at turn 4. His team reporting that new car gremlins with a stuck brake pedal causing the spin. He would get going but multiple laps down. Up front and Courtney Witts (180) surged into the lead from the white grade. Tom Harris (84) pulling off on lap 1 and along with Harrison would have to try again in the consolation. Adam Bamford (43) goes for a spin courtesy of Kyle Gray (124) with Sam Jacklin (137) getting caught up in it. Yellows waved with Witts still leading. When the greens waved Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) seemed in a hurry moving 3 cars into turn 3 and fellow superstar Nigel Green (445) happy to take advantage. Green moving Karl Hawkins (175) the next lap. Wainman Jnr delayed allowed Green to get passed but Frankie wasted no time giving Green a nudge gaining a position, up front Witts stretching her advantage up to a full straight. Murray Jones (196) mixing it with Charlie Sworder (5) and Ashley England (346), Sworder finding the fence and England just about surviving. Into the closing stages and England had been caught by Wainman Jnr and Green. A small mistake was all that was required for England to drop two spots. Last bend and Green went for the dive on Wainman, Witts had long since won the race. Frankie riding the hit and outdragging Green to the line for 2nd.

Heat 2 - 180, 515, 445, 2, 196, 172, 70, 484, 175, 451, 533, 346

Consolation time with 23 cars on track. Dave Dorans (366) took up the early running. Rocket Ship III showing the most pace with Ryan Harrison (197) guiding his car through traffic until the yellows were called for. A few back markers unable to get going on the rolling lap and the race restart was abandoned. Unfortunately for Harrison he went and found himself spinning over the turn 3 curb and damaging the car and retiring for the day. The race restarted with Dorans quickly losing the lead to Kyle Gray (124) into turn 1. Luke Davidson (464) and Tom Harris (84) had begun their battle to the front while also swapping positions a few times over the following laps. Yellows called for again for Joe Nickolls (242) who found the turn 1 wall (all ok). Hard luck story for Dorans who on the restart wouldn't get away unable to select 2nd gear. I'm lead to believe the latest chapter in his gearbox woes since coming to F1s. After the yellows, Harris continued his march to the front taking Sam Wass (283) and John Fortune (164) who did make it hard for Harris sending him close to the fence at turn 3. Harris finally getting passed Gray up front to take his first UK tarmac win of the season.

Consolation - 84, 124, 464, 283, 5, H318, 422, 211, 278, 415, 401, 478 (10 to Final)

Grand Final time and this was a special one. In memory of Andrew Battye who sadly passed away a few weeks ago. Tommy Kay who we also sadly lost in the same week had been remembered in the previous race, the F2 Grand Final. The Skegness presentational team doing a great job lead by Richard Kaleta, orange flags flying above the back straight grand stand. After some very moving words from Richard, the command "Drivers start your engines" and 34 cars roared into life in memory of Battye. Bradford Music (Fanfare of the Common Man) playing on the rolling lap to send the cars on their way.

At the start Martin Spiers (451) finds the fence and is joined by Mat Newson (16) both retiring. Rick Lennson (H318) not for the first time found himself in tandem with another car, this time the Paul Hopkins (278) car. Further back amongst the superstars Tom Harris (84) fires a large number of cars wide including main rivals Nigel Green (445) and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515). The fast and furious final settling down with the yellows flying for Newson and Spiers in the turn 4 fence (all ok). At the restart with Courtney Witts (180) leading from Kyle Gray (124), the top 8 spots having an average age of about 18 years old the old guard would need to do something to take this final from the young guns. A few laps into the restart Harris would go for a hit on Dan Johnson (4) and spin himself out on the home straight falling a lap down with Johnson picking up damage slowing him up. 5 laps to go and Gray takes the lead, one he wouldn't relinquish, becoming the first winner of the Andrew Battye trophy, taking the £1,000 prize pot and delighting the crowd with some burnouts and donuts.

Grand Final - 124, 101, 445, 217, 180, 515, 70, 2, 283, 526, 4, 37

Final race of the night, the Grand National. Track limit reached with 36 cars on track, final winner Kyle Gray (124) taking the half lap handicap starting behind the superstars as a yellow top. Race starting with a big pile up into turn 1 with most of the yellow tops involved. Martin Spiers (451), Mark Wareham (401) and Casey Englestone (120) all not surviving and their race ending at turn 1. Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) didn't even make the start with Nigel Green (445) pushing him off and loosing a fair amount of ground with Gray just behind. Dan Johnson (4) put his final behind him and when out of traffic was rapid, his car getting super grip out of the corners and powering down the straights. Lee Fairhurst (217) never really more than 2 car lengths away from Johnson for the entire race. Yellows called for as Courtney Witts (180) ended her night stranded on turn 2. Luckily missed by everyone. Upon the resumption of the race Tristan Jackson (101) drops out of the lead with a puncture. At only half way and it was, from the back to the front for Johnson who took the lead, Fairhurst still there with Tom Harris (84) carving through the traffic getting passed Ashley England (346) and Green. Last bend and Green bumpered past Harris for 3rd with Johnson taking his first tarmac victory of 2019.

Grand National 4, 217, 445, 84, 5, 196, 346, 212, 37, 16, 25, 124

Day 2 and we were presented with a day akin to a July weekend, not May. Beautiful sunshine for the UK Open. The format decided on would be all drivers racing in 2 out of 4 heats. Top 32 point scorers through to the final, with no last chance race. 45 cars taking to the track for day 2. All change at Team Jacklin as Sam stepped aside for Mark Adkins(24) to have a go.

Heat 1 with 21 cars on track. Charlie Sworder's (5) weekend not getting much better with a trip to the fence at turn 1. Dan Johnson (4) showing the same rapid pace as the previous night. In contrast to day 1, Ryan Harrison (197) was able to finally unlock the pace in his new car and set about charging to the front, Nigel Green (445) also showing some strong pace fighting through the field. Alex Wass (283) lead the way until last nights final winner Kyle Gray (124) took the lead at half way. Further back, Harrison was leading the charge from the back with a train of cars latched on for the ride to the front including Johnson, Green and Frankie Wainman Jnr (515). 5 laps to go and the top 7 are separated by nothing. Wainman Jnr started to make his move with Johnson and Green dispatched at consecutive corners but it wasn't enough to catch Gray who took first blood on Sunday with Harrison not far behind.

Heat 1 - 124, 197, 283, 515, 445, 4, 180, 172, 464, H318, 16, 37, 526, 415, 48

24 cars gridded for heat 2. The 24 car not fairing very well as Mark Adkins spins and is collected by a number of yellow tops. The race continuing with Tom Harris (84) and Ben Riley (422) both tangling in the early running and delayed for multiple laps. Riley eventually getting going but with major damage. Up front Dave Dorans (366) had surged away from the white grade with Ashley England (346) in hot pursuit. Tristan Jackson (101) and John Fortune (164) came together and were parked on the racing line of turn 2. England takes the lead from Dorans but a small while later finds the pile up of Jackson and Fortune and is massively delayed. Up front Dorans was unable to stop Danny Wainman (212) from taking the lead and the win.

Heat 2 - 212, 366, 2, 533, 300, 196, 275, 217, 25, 43, 70, 555, 278, 501, 502

Heat 3 for 23 cars, it was the second race for everyone so all those yet to score needed to do so quickly, a message the 84 machine of Tom Harris didn't get. With zero points on the board he would take Dan Johnson (4) into the turn 1 fence on the first lap. I doubt you'll need me to explain any further as the video has been shared far and wide when the various internet forums exploded post incident. To summarise, Green Flag, Crash, Dance Battle, DNF for both, Johnson just qualified and both back to the pits to go fix. Upon the restart John Fortune (164) took the lead from Courtney Witts (180) just past half way and took his shiny new car to it's first win.

Heat 3 - 164, 180, 445, 37, 2, 484, H318, 48, 300, 283, 196, 346, 526, 120, 211

Last qualifying heat for 22 cars. Terry Hawkins (275) slow away from the start looking to be having issues. Frankie Wainman Jnr (515) on the move using the bumper moving brother Danny (212) and Lee Fairhurst (217) out of the way. George Elwell (501) goes around at turn 1 as Kyle Gray (124) bumpers Charlie Sworder (5) wide for position. Up front Sam Wass (284) leads with Ryan Harrison (197) and Wainman Jnr showing impressive pace with Wainman Jnr able to bumper Harrison out the way in the latter stages. A last bend hit not quite enough for Harrison to get 2nd back. Wass would win on the road, but unfortunately for Team Wass the car would fail on inside weight on the scales and Sam wouldn't qualify for the UK Open, very hard luck for one of the sports underdog teams.

Heat 4 - 515, 197, 124, 217, 101, 464, 212, 533, 16, 555, 25, 172, 242, 401, 502

UK Open time. 32 drivers qualified with Aaron Leech (70) unable to make the grid. All drivers taking part in the usual grand parade to applause from the crowd. Maybe the biggest applause to the last car out. After rebuilding the front of the orange machine of Dan Johnson (4), he made it out for the championship race. Mechanics and drivers from all manor of different teams all chipping in help or parts to get Dan back in the race and he made it just in time. Just before the pit gate was closed Ashley England (346) would also non-start heading back to the pits with problems.

The race itself was a classic Skegness fast and furious race. Courtney Witts (180) lead from the start, fellow white graded Dave Dorans (366) found the fence at turn 4. Trips to the fence for Micky Randell (172) and Shaun Webster (48). Up front and Witts now under pressure from Kyle Gray (124), when in traffic Gray pounced taking the lead, one he wouldn't loose on his way to his first championship at only 17 years old. Ryan Harrison (197) settled for his favourite finishing position getting 2nd for the third time and first red top home. John Fortune (164) also finishing off his new car debut with a 3rd place.

After post race checks were completed it was confirmed:

Kyle Gray - 2019 UK Open Champion.

UK Open Final - 124, 197, 164, 101, 217, 515, 196, 445, 300, 464, 180, 4

32 cars making the Grand National and the final racing action of the weekend. Gray taking his spot at the back of the field for the 2nd day in a row. In the early running Lee Fairhurst (217) and Paul Harrison (2) tangled together delaying both. George Elwell (501) with a trip to the fence with Casey Englestone (120) involved. Up front Courtney Witts (180) was long gone and took the final race of the weekend. Over the finish line further back Charlier Sworder (5) got out of shape and hit the infield tyres dislodging the grass and soil behind making a bit of a mess. With a bit of tongue in cheek Rob Speak giving him a brush to tidy up.

Grand National - 180, 164, 464, 84, 101, 445, 515, 346, 242, 4, 5, 37

Words by Daniel Smith

Pictures Colin Casserley