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By BSCDA, Jan 9 2018 11:17AM

As is now customary at this time of the year, BriSCA F1 stock cars start off 2018 with a bang as the glorious sound of Chevrolet V8s fill the Live Action Arena at Autosport International once again this weekend.

Autosport International is the biggest motorsport show in Europe and BriSCA F1 has become an integral feature of the live shows during the past two decades.

This year the theme for the BriSCA F1s is the transformation of the sport through the ages, from its beginnings in 1954 to the present day. On track will be the heritage cars of Roy Clarke, representing the 1950s, the 1960s Tony Neal car, Dave Mellor’s World Championship-winning car from the 1970s, Frankie Wainman Jnr’s first car representing the 1980s and Peter Falding’s car from the 1990s.

Modern day BriSCA F1 is represented throughout the four days by Mat Newson, Ben Riley, Paul Hines, Joff Gibson, Will Yarrow, Michael Scriven, Bobby Griffin, Mark Sergeant and Nigel Harrhy.

But perhaps the highlight of the show will be the unveiling of the Stuart Smith Hertz Tribute car, built by Mark Calzoni and Stuart Smith Jnr.

“Geoff Coleman and I did the fabricating, but Mark has done everything else,” said Smith Jnr. “When we delivered it to him, we just gave it to him as an old stock car really, a bit of an old weapon, using old parts. And Mark has just refined everything.

“I went up to see the car when Mark finished it off and I have got to say I have never known anyone to put such infinite detail into a car like this. It is incredible. So I really don’t want to scratch it!

The car will be a feature in the Live Action Arena on Thursday and Friday – the two trade and press days – and Smith Jnr and brother Andy will share the driving.

The car, however, is something completely alien to what both Smith brothers are used to driving. The set-up will bear no relation to how a modern day stock car is prepared for action.

“It will be the first time I have driven it and the first time it has gone anywhere,” said Smith Jnr. “So I could end up putting it in the wall! Andrew text me the other day and said “What tyre pressures should I run?

“And I texted back and said “No idea. Put 50lb in!” And I then said what my dad always used to say. “Put 10 inches of stagger on and you’ll be alright!””

After the car graces to indoor track it will be then have pride of place on a stand in the Oval Racing Area in Hall 10 for everyone who visits the NEC over the weekend to enjoy.

BriSCA F1 is supporting the British Heart Foundation during the four-day show, which is open 9.00am to 6.00pm on each of the four days.

Tribute car photos courtesy of Paul Greenwood

By BSCDA, Dec 30 2017 11:25AM

News from Startrax.

WEATHER 1 – Startrax 0

Sorry Folks!

We always attempt to act in the best interest of our drivers and fans and try anticipate with some surety as good a show and as safe possible. Taking into account the weather over the last 24 hours and the prognosis on top of the 'frozen' conditions, in the best interest of all we feel it appropriate to make an early decision to cancel this event.

With the weather turning severe Thursday night into Friday and further rain anticipated, sometimes heavy, forecast over night Saturday into Sunday we have reluctantly decided to cancel Sunday’s event. Until this last bout of severe weather the track was ‘well prepped’ but sheer volume of rain and snow and freezing temperatures have left parts of the track under water. Whilst the water will clear, with further rain, there will be absolutely no chance of preparing an acceptable racing surface.

Indeed, the forecast from 12 – Sunday is for ‘sun’ however, rain is forecast throughout the night until around 7.aam Sunday morning.

Given also the cold and wet weather it would not be unreasonable to expect cancellations from drivers due to the general conditions - and having to prepare and load cars in the next 24 hours.

We have decided to make an early decision as one or two drivers are travelling some distance and of course people can make alternative plans.

We apologise for any disappointment caused and as always thank you for your understanding – and, sometimes, the weather wins!

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year

By BSCDA, Dec 24 2017 09:52AM

Calling all drivers - it's not too late to book in to Stoke for a New Years Eve blast! This meeting will start at 12pm and Startrax have assured everyone it will be completed by 4.30pm so that people can still enjoy the NYE celebrations in the evening.

There will be a mechanics race if there is enough interest.

By BSCDA, Dec 9 2017 03:00PM

Following the British Stock Car Drivers Association Annual General Meeting on Sunday 26th November proposals recommended from that meeting have now been discussed by the BriSCA Management Board which is an amalgam of BSCDA and BriSCA Promoters.

BSCDA and BriSCA individually have received considerable constructive feedback on some of the agreed proposals and have invested considerable time in further engaging with drivers and undertaken surveys to ensure that concluding these proposals has been undertaken listening to as many views as possible.

The BSCDA and BriSCA are resolute in continuing the commitment in terms of reducing costs for drivers whilst improving the spectacle for the sports followers and it has to be accepted that to achieve that agenda, sometimes difficult decisions have to be made for what has to be the best interest of a sport as a

whole and not necessarily individual circumstances.

We would like to thank those who made the effort to support and air their views at the AGM and the feedback provided by individuals in recent days to enable further clarity in reaching conclusions. It should also be noted and respected the majority views of those who took the time and interest in attending the AGM and democratically voted as part of the clarification review that has taken place. These proposals had been clearly publicised for discussion and voting to all drivers within the articles of association. Few apologies were received. However, many of those who did not / could not attend have been further consulted for their views as part of the process which is not a defined process but demonstrates the additional efforts made to embrace as many as possible in further consultation.

The specific proposals below have been subjected to a further review by the BMB as to what is deemed the best interest of the sport and the following decisions reached.

RPM - It was originally proposed to introduce for 2018 a RPM limit of 7000 with the clear objective of reducing engine costs for the future. Further analysis and feedback has proven that a more viable and acceptable level of 7500 RPM be introduced and will be implemented in the 2018 BMB Rules and Regulations and will be enforced during 2018 by BMB Technical personnel. Further details of implementation will be released via the BSCDA and their website.

REAR AXLE WIDTH - A specified rear axle width was proposed and majority agreed at the AGM. The purpose of this was twofold, to control the rear axle width and to introduce a limit as the wider the rear axle becomes, it affects the 'style' of racing in terms of stability of cars and ultimately affects the racing experience for the sports followers. Recent developments have been reviewed and further feedback sought since the AGM again to provide clarity.

A maximum width of 78 inches has been agreed which is re enforced by a recent survey which reveals that 96% of drivers who responded are at or under 78 inches. Therefore, given the objectives of reviewing and introducing a limit, the introduction of this rule and feedback demonstrates the timing is right with so few cars affected by its implementation. The 2018 BMB Rules and Regulations will reflect a ruling of a maximum of 78 inches.

REAR INSIDE TYRE - Discussions at the AGM proposed a change to the existing tyre rule in terms of implementing a control rear inside tyre developed by American Racer. The sport has been adversely affected during 2016 and 2017 with both an interrupted supply of the K6 in terms of availability and when available a huge increase in price. Following the AGM further analysis has been undertaken and a consensus that the proposed American Racer rally tyre is not within the remit of the original proposal with regard to price and availability for the beginning of the racing season. Therefore it has been agreed that the use of all Pirellis K range (excluding the KMs) will be suspended in 2018 until further notice. These may still be used on the front inside.

As a controlled tyre was voted for the BMB have agreed that for 2018 the American Racer tarmac tyre (Venray tyre) will be used on the rear inside.

So for clarification on shale, the current rule will stand however no Pirelli K range can be used except KMs.

On tarmac, the Venray tarmac tyre must be used on the rear inside (wet or dry). On the front outside, no rally tyre can be used.

The BSCDA are still working with American Racer regarding the rally tyre and will keep everyone informed of progress.

A full resume of all 2018 BMB Rule amendments will be circulated and available via the BSCDA website in the coming days.

In conclusion, the BSCDA continue to foster an environment of reducing racing costs and share the objective through the BMB to improve the spectacle for the sports followers. It has to be accepted that rule changes cannot be designed to please or appease all. We continue to promote the unique values of

BriSCA F1 and whilst understanding that there will be some detractors we urge that collectively we all embrace steps taken to improve the sport and implore the use of social media to impart opinion is considered and portrayed in the best interest of our sport.

BMB 9th December 2017