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Please click on the links below for the relevant Licence Application form.


Remember that we need 10 days to process your Licence Application, return your form with payment and two PASSPORT photos to the address below.

Licence App F1 2019 Licence App V8 2019



We are in the process are updating the Rules & Regs for 2018 these will be printed and issued with the February newsletter if you have renewed your 2018 Licence Application.



If you are a new driver for 2018 you will receive a New Driver Form, please complete this and return it to the BSCDA Secretary at least 14 days before you intend on racing at your first meeting.



Drivers please be aware that  if you book a technical at a race meeting, it does not mean that you will automatically be racing after the check. If there are any grey areas on your car which may need further inspection or the committees approval, you will NOT pass.


It is strongly recommended that you bring your car to a meeting which you do not wish to race at to be checked or make an appointment away from the race track (charges apply)


If you have a new car that requires a full technical scrutineering check you need to follow the NEW procedure below which takes place with immediate effect.


Firstly call the BSCDA Secretary on 07961 820 884 to book your car in for a check (not Conrad Wilson – all bookings will go through the BSCDA Office) You need to do this no later than 7 days prior to the check. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis and are limited to two per meeting. If you cancel (or do not inform the Secretary of your cancellation) within 48 hours of your booking you will be fined £50.


The Secretary will then issue you with a Technical Scrutineering Check List Document that needs to be completed prior to your check. This is not to be done during your check, if the form is not completed and ready to hand in to the Technical Scrutineer on arrival you will lose your slot. These will be one hour appointments. When you book in you will be given an arrival time, if you are late then you risk the Technical Scrutineer refusing to check your car and therefore will miss your race meeting.


Your car must be presented for technical, with parts on the car that you intend to race with. The Driver must present car ready to race and comply with the rule book.


All panels must be removed prior to the technical starting so that nothing restricts the Technical Scrutineer from doing their job.


Only the Driver OR his/her mechanic is required at the technical and NO other team members.


Any car found with illegal parts during the new car technical will fail and will be required to re apply after possible disciplinary action.


If at any stage the driver become abusive or none compliant with Technical Scrutineer's wishes then the Scrutineering will stop and will not continue and driver will face disciplinary action











There is now a central booking system for BriSCA FI Drivers. All drivers will book in for all meetings  with the BSCDA Secretary.Therefore you no longer need to inform promoters of your intentions of racing, you have one number to ring or one email address.

This is to ensure that we have accurate booking lists for the public and YOU the drivers must oblige and book in AND cancel within the time frame stated.


You either Telephone / Text – 07961 820 884 (Answerphone after 8pm)

Email –

Or click here to visit our Booking In Page.


You will receive a text confirmation to confirm receipt of your booking.


If the telephone is on answer machine, leave a message, do not use the excuse that you couldn’t get through please. Simply leave your name, race number and the meeting(s) you wish to book in for. You can make block bookings.


You need to book in for your meeting before Monday 12pm so that Promoters print deadlines can be met.


You must cancel your booking by Friday 8pm. If you are booked to appear on a Sunday/Monday and damage from the previous day stops you racing, you must cancel by 9am race day. If you fail to cancel your booking, you will be fined £25 which must be paid within 7 days or before your next race meeting, whichever is sooner. Promoters will be notified of any drivers who have not paid fines.


Please note we will not be ringing you to chase if you are racing or not, it is the drivers responsibility to book in for events. Thank you in advance for your co-operation.