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The BSCDA Committee are dedicated to promoting the sport and ensuring that all F1 Drivers are represented. The 2017 Committee below remains the same as 2016. In 2016 they issued the following Mission Statement which is behind all decisions made.


"The overall objective for the BSCDA committee in 2016 is to decrease the cost of racing for the majority of the drivers.

By looking at the issues within our control we aim to reduce the amount of money it takes to race a F1 Stockcar on a ‘per meeting’ basis.

We aim to maintain the stock element of our sport and steer away from specialised ‘racing’ parts. The committee will also aim to continue to improve the safety for drivers racing a F1 Stockcar.

Finally the committee will work closely with BriSCA and the BMB to ensure the overall package of F1 Stockcar racing continues to be an excellent product for the paying spectator.“


Throughout 2017 they will strive to continue with this objective.



Chairman - Anthony Flanagan

Vice Chairman - Guy Parker

Mat Newson 16

Peter Falding 33

Danny Wainman 212

Paul Hines 259

Mark Woodhull 335

Stuart Smith 390

Mick Sworder 150

Secretary - Sophie Clark


If you have a problem, question or query don’t ring the Chairman every time, contact the appropriate person from the list below depending on the subject of your call. At a race meeting please seek out a Committee Member who is not racing on the day.


BSCDA Chairman : General Overview  

Anthony Flanagan : 07710  043636


Disciplinary :  

Anthony Flanagan : 07710  043636


Paul Hines : 07957 286117


Car Spec  :

Peter Falding : 07778  163336


Matt Newson : 07826  842622


Trust Fund, Injury Claims :

Craig Haworth : 01706  712198


Overseas, Championships, NEC, Venues etc :

Guy Parker : 07976  179175


Licensing, Membership, returnable trophies and general secretarial matters :

Sophie Clark : 07961 820884


Raceday Issues

Peter Falding, Danny Wainman, Stuart Smith, Mark Woodhull or Mick Sworder (if not racing)



Grading/all points matters

Nigel Anderson :  01287 676510 or 07738 431987


New Car Technical Scrutineering

Conrad Wilson  :  07930 535644





Thank you to the drivers and members who have put their name down for the 2018 Committee. All the current committee members wish to stay on and continue doing the job they are put there for in addition to this we have four other members who wish to stand. We asked all members to write just a few lines about why they want to be elected.


Please make sure your voting form is returned to the BSCDA office by Friday 24th November. The count will take place on Sunday 26th November 2017. If you require another voting form please contact Sophie on 07961 820 884 or email



I have served on the BSCDA Drivers committee for over 10 Years now, It has been an absolute privilege (if at times Stressful).


For the last couple of years I have carried out the role of Chairman, and while I can’t please everyone all of the time, this current BSCDA committee has tried its best to take the sport. Along with Guy Parker and Peter Falding we have been the BSCDA Representatives on the BMB. Although we have also tried to swap around at least one member of the BSCDA at each Meeting so we have the continuity, while also having everyone’s voice heard at the BMB.


A lot goes on behind the scenes at BMB and we are slowly getting this to be more open and in the public domain so that all our Members can see what has been discussed and agreed.


As I say us three are the longest serving members of the current committee, but we did serve on other confrontational lead Committees, which looking back didn’t achieve as much as people may believe. What can be clear is under this current committee, following on from the good work of Neil Scothern’s Chairmanship is the positive things achieved.


Working positively with the BMB, your committee has brought:


1. The First World Final pay increase since 1992, which roughly equated to an increase of around 30%, as well as negotiating a yearly increase on top of this.


2. An Increase on all other Championships, which have remained the same for years.


3. One of the Main Things we have achieved through positive attitude and the support of the membership, is the BSCDA are now Promoters of our own BRITISH Championship, which enables us to put a large amount of money back into the BSCDA each year. A First for the BSCDA…..


4. Following on from Drivers wishes, we are currently negotiating with the BRISCA promoters and All Dutch Promoters, to try and ensure there are some free weekends in the UK so that our Members can enjoy race weekend overseas so there are no issues in the future.


5. The BSCDA 5 year plan, to try and reduce race costs and bring car Specifications closer together. Helping all Drivers.


6. Also we have brought in a media advisor, who along with current committee is working on bringing in Sponsorship deals for the Drivers Direct, where the funds raised will be distributed amongst the driver base.


But we can only continue with this good work with your support. I hope you use your vote wisely and help support your current committee. If you do want to take things back to the Old School Arguments, and struggling to get funding then Vote as you see fit.



Firstly I would like to echo what Flan has said and how well the current committee are progressing with several ongoing projects and we are also two years into a three year plan which we all want to see through to the end.


All committee members work hard trying to get the best for drivers and we put them first in every decision that is made. I have served on the BSCDA committee for well over 20 years. The BSCDA has played a major role in this sport since 1954 and continues to do so. We need to make sure that the future for the sport has a strong drivers voice on the governing body and I believe the current committee are committed and united in giving its members the best in every which way for the sport we all love. Please make your vote count and keep the current committee on the board to see through all of these ongoing projects so it hasn’t been a waste of time.



I have been on the committee for many, many years now and never miss a meeting. I am heavily involved with the current changes with regard to rules and how to keep costs down for every driver. We have spent a lot of time recently working on different aspects of the rule book and how to enhance the sport for everyone involved. I want to continue using my experience of racing and car building to assist the BSCDA and all its members and to do that I need to be a part of the committee. Please don’t waste your vote!



I would like to be re-elected for the 2018 committee. I am passionate about stock cars and want to continue making the sport better for everyone. I am interested in keeping costs down and allowing racing to be as affordable as possible. I am there weekend in weekend out and always happy to talk and discuss anything with anybody. I think the committee at the minute is as strong as ever and we all work together as a team to improve the sport. Please vote for me :)



I have been racing for 33 years, 17 in F1 and during this time I have built cars and have a good knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of car construction/maintenance and understand the impact of changes to car specification on both time and the Bank balance!


I have put myself forward for nomination again as I feel good progress has been made over the past few years to try to contain costs and keep the sport competitive. There are still areas for the Committee to finalise and stability in the Committee is required to continue to take the sport forward and build the relationship with promoters and sponsors.



I am putting myself forward for the 2018 BSCDA committee after completing my first year and wish to carry on within my role with the up and coming changes of the sport and this difficult time we find ourselves in. I'm passionate about the future of our sport and the direction we must take ourselves in in-order to survive, thrive and flourish. Our product is first class and we must work together to ensure its survival. If you want someone to say it how it is then put a tick next to my name.



I have sat on the committee for several years now and I feel we are in the strongest place we have been for quite a while. We are all working hard at committee meetings and the time inbetween to improve the sport we are all a part of. All of us want our sport to thrive, we want new customers through the gates, we want new drivers out on track and of course we want to look after everyone who is involved already. We have a fantastic product and we have to be a united group to keep it on the up. I spend a lot of time travelling around the country not only to race but for committee meetings in between. I do this because I love this sport and every committee member gives up their time to try and improve it for all our members. Please keep the current committee on to continue the projects they are working on.



I have put myself up for the 2018 BSCDA committee.


I am as passionate as ever about our great sport and I’d like the opportunity to carry on the work I have been doing to help promote and advertise what we do. We have a 3 year plan in place that will see things improve. I also take a keen interest in car spec and will always look for the most cost effective methods of racing for the benefit of as many drivers as possible.


I try to be balanced and fair in decisions being made and I’m always happy to work hard on committee duties. I am regularly at the tracks, always approachable and will always listen to someone’s viewpoint.

So please vote for me.



I am asking for your vote to keep my place on the committee as I believe the committee as it is has and is doing a great job behind the scenes. My objective is to keep the sport as affordable as possible for newcomers also as entertaining as possible too. I think I have as good an understanding of how the sport works and what works for the sport. I have friends who race at all levels and I like to say my opinions and aims are based on all opinions and budgets. I believe my position on the committee contributed to steadying costs and hopefully will keep the sport as buoyant as it is now.



I feel that I can significantly improve driver and spectator safety and also help the BSCDA and BriSCA work together in a structured way to keep on top of the challenges we currently face.


Although I’m not a driver I have decades of experience in the sport and also the greater ‘motorsport’ world.

I fully understand we need to keep one eye on what we’re spending and the other on the future – good things can happen, it just needs a cool and calm guiding hand.



In the world of BriSCA F1 there is lots to celebrate, but lots to be deeply concerned about. Safety issues are ignored, costs continue to rise, key people are no longer racing, fixtures make little or no sense, spectator numbers reduce. Where once we were the main oval formula, our crown no longer fits quite as comfortably. We blunder on from year to year as if by keeping our heads down, somehow everything will be ok. Here’s the news; it’s not going to be ok. Winter IS coming! I want to:


• Make F1s even better

• Protect our start money from unaccountable, unelected bodies

• Ensure drivers are not put at serious risk for the want of cheap, simple safety devices

• See spectators treated as our life blood, not cash cows

• Have a 2018 fixture list that doesn’t look like it was tweeted by Donald Trump

• Apply rules fairly, whether you’re spending £50 or £50,000


Let’s move on positively for 2018 – before it’s too late.



I have spent many years involved with the sport of BriSCA F1. From racing a few years ago to now supporting my son Ben. I am also an active scrutineer at most tracks and I would like to put my name forward for the committee, as even though I am involved in the working side of the sport, I feel I could contribute to the committee with my knowledge of building cars and car specifications. I feel having a scrutineer on the committee would help as we view these cars week in week out and have an insight to why drivers do what they do! I am also there first hand to listen to drivers comments and ideas and I can relay this back to the committee for us to discuss and debate. I want to see the sport progress and always be the premier formula and hopefully I can be a part of making that happen.



Well its that time of the year again when people put their names forward for the drivers committee. I have decided to put my name forward after ten years away from politics due in no small part to the crowd or lack of at the Ipswich World Final. Things are not right and following years of “stability” and a management board that believes it has the right “plan for the future” we find ourselves on the edge of a precipice.

Stability and all getting along skipping through the woods holding hands may seem like it was a great idea at the time but hold on a minute empty seats at a world final and drivers bmaking a choice to race abroad (and enjoying themselves), top drivers selling up something is wrong.


So what was the BSCDA formed for all those years ago, simple, rule 2 of the association handbook says it all “The Association is formed to encourage Stock Car driving and racing by means which may from time to time be determined by the association”. This means that the association has a duty to its members by way of its elected committee to do just that.


How do I plan to help with this? to do so you have to look at some of the issues we have that has eroded the authority of the BSCDA.


Licensing, this has become an issue due to a driver being denied a licence and then being given the run around as to the reason why. However how did licensing work back when I was Chairman 10 years ago, simple the BSCDA acted as agents for BriSCA and issued licences. The ONLY licences that were not issued was to drivers who appeared on the banned driver list. So this year we have a situation where a driver was not granted a licence, not given a real reason and was certainly not on a banned drivers list as I get regular copies as a Steward. We as an association have a duty to encourage stock car racing and therefore should have demanded a licence for this driver or at the very least a valid reason why we could not automatically grant the licence.


Discipline has become a lottery and again is something we as an association should be doing ourselves, the current people doing the disciplinaries are frankly laughable and I know from experience. The last one I sat on regarding a mini driver featured 5 people and the Chairman who has a penchant for trying to guide and influence the outcomes. A question was asked about what was actually written in the mini rules book and nobody had a copy of the book except me. I already knew the answer to the question however was astonished to sit on a discipline panel where the panel had no idea what the rules actually said. I have experienced several other disciplinaries were similar problems have happened but guess the usual response is well someone else is doing it, so its fine. It is not fine there is no consistency whatsoever.

We need to be strong as an association and have a strong voice if we are to push the sport forward. For too long the present system has been allowed to bobble along and it simply is not working. In any walk of life in a democratic process you need a strong opposition, dictatorship does not work and never has. The sport benefitted from the Gears and Tears factor and many lost people returned to the sport but most have just disappeared as fast as they came back because we did not engage with them.

We now have an initiative to talk to people to find out why people are not coming but I honestly struggle with the concept because we are talking to the very people who currently come along in any case. We need to engage with the people who have fallen away and find out what could be done to encourage them back.


Social media has come in for some serious bashing recently from all quarters and again I really do not understand why we are not engaging with social media and using it rather than bashing and criticising it. After all these are the people that are not coming watching.


One part of social media however has been used incorrectly by members of your own committee and can’t go without comment. As you will be aware several drivers made the trip to Holland over the European weekend as they made a decision that they would have a much better time over in Holland. These drivers were told that they would not be allowed to practise prior to the world final. These drivers not only were failed by the committee but to add injury to insult members of the committee commented on social media that they were practising and what a good time they were having. I have no problem whatsoever any driver exercising their right to practise but what I had issue with is committee members advertising this when they should have supported their drivers who they are elected to represent. I can only imagine how the drivers who were told not to practise would have felt. I am not saying they should have not practised but surely a more conservative approach.


If I am elected back to the committee I will work at pulling the committee back together and wrestling some of the things back from Promoters that they have hijacked over the last decade. Discipline is one area where we should be dealing with our own drivers and being more pro-active. Nipping things in the bud before they become big issues. Engaging with Promoters and getting answers to questions, it is stock cars not MI5. Licensing is another thing we need to be doing and never forget if an individual Promoter takes issue with a driver he has the right to not book that driver, not hide behind a blanket refusal that nobody understands.


I will use the experience I gained in my decade as Chairman to try and give an alternate perspective on the way forward. The stock car equation has never been complicated. Drivers are the show and Promoters operate the venues. The Promoter has a duty to sell the show and get the crowd and the drivers have a duty to put the show on. If the show is not something that can be sold to get a crowd in we have a problem however the show still gets a crowd. Does the show need to change, maybe a tweak here and there but in the main I think the show is still good. Look at darts, it was a dead duck until several players broke away and realised that just throwing darts at a board was not enough. They became personalities and it got promoted and now is massive.


I trust that you will understand why I want to get involved again, I first started watching racing in 1969, 48 years ago and want to still be watching this great sport in another 48 years. I believe not only can I make a difference but more importantly I want to make a difference, I don’t just want to do this because nobody else wants to, that is no reason for anybody to continue as they will never be able to give it their all.

Just recently it has been brought to my attention that some members of the committee may not work with me and should I be elected they may well resign, respectfully if they feel that way they should not waste your time and not put their names forward, also a Promoter has indicated he would also quit, maybe he should. Whilst I find statements like this interesting and foolish I think they are a desperate attempt to detract away from the democratic process. History has taught me many things but most importantly you the membership deserve better and deserve a strong voice in future negotiations as only together as a strong unit can we make it work and make a difference, allow me the chance to watch electric stock cars when the oil runs out.